From Land Preparation to Swallow: A Brief About the Impact of Modernity on Hausa Foods


    Modernity has introduced a lot of inventions and new trends with regards to Hausa foods. This does not only concern the dietary habits of the Hausas but the totality of the process of food processing starting from land preparation through harvesting to cooking. The article investigates the influence of modernity on Hausa foods. The major objectives of the study are to examine the new inventions to the Hausa food processing and preparation processes as well as to ascertain the overall positive and negative impacts of such new trends. The research is based on Food Neophobia and Variety Seeking theory. It is hypothesized that the Hausas will accept modernization in their search for new tastes. The research learned that despite the numerous importance of modern inventions, they have many negative effects on personal health, ecosystem, as well as socioeconomic wellbeing of individuals, especially if not utilized properly. Finally, the paper suggested that there should be joint efforts by governments, resource persons, and media outlets as campaigns for educating and orienting the public extensively on proper utilization of the modern innovations, a strive which should be accompanied by well-planned programs to support the less privileged individuals harness the benefit.

    Keywords: Modernity; Food; Farming; Cooking

    Abincin Zamani

    author/Sani, A-U. & Kaura, H.L.

    journal/Ɗanyamusa Journal of Curent Research in Hausa Studies