I Am Not Disappointed

    I was moved to pick a pen by the lot and lot of experiences I obtained after participating in an event, or a process (as it might be). It was first of it kind anyway, yet I must confess that I was baffled! It has always being my nature that I feel deeply disheartened whenever I am disappointed by an individual, group, event or situation that never seems disappointing. However, in few of such situations, I tend to realize that I should not have considered the happenings as disappointing, especially when I subscribe to the rule of majority. What then can I do rather than write?


    I have never been taken captive of slavery,
    But I once worked as PO with MYSELF-NEC,
    Under temptation we labored the country,
    I looked but none has chain on the neck,
    In my eyes or mind I was disappointed.

    What is the name of that person –
    Who work and someone take the reward?
    Mandated least by the fear to commit treason,
    I worked and worked for no award.
    Oh my decision! You got me disappointed.

    What is the name of that one,
    Who is conditioned to apologize,
    For someone that wronged someone,
    Or even wronged him – just to normalize?
    In the circumstances, I was disappointed.

    It is OK if badness of bad affects other bad,
    And goodness of good affect other good.
    But badness of bad affects the good so sad,
    And goodness of good helps bad get hood,
    For these, I was disappointed.

    They said they pay but why haven’t I received:
    Sleeplessness allowance, waiting allowance, and not:
    Standing allowance, allowance for risk of being reived?
    Nor argument allowance how do I unknot?
    Thinking of these, I feel disappointed.

    Endured miles queues, got assigned the assignment,
    We tolerated the century-like waiting too,
    For the thought it was a thing of enjoyment,
    We were chosen, drop-downs went cockatoo,
    We, both parties, didn’t expect to be disappointed.

    We then headed to the training session,
    It was as easy as the way they describe,
    They taught us: the work, manners and evasion,
    But not tardiness, lies and didn’t talk of bribe,
    The concealed facts got me disappointed.

    On the 15th February, 2019 we were called,
    We sat, stood, sat, stood and asked to go.
    Sitting and standing lingered when we were recalled,
    That was on the 22nd, they tested our ego,
    We passed the test, and we were disappointed.

    We were there 15 hours ahead of time,
    And 1, 2, 3, 4, to 7 hours behind schedule.
    After 4 years grounding and 7 days retime -
    Cannot make head or tell of the module,
    I was disappointed.

    If all humans are social beings,
    At the PU, humans and other creatures we met,
    The beings voted and voted for the nonbeings,
    I held my peace, it was a bad kismet,
    And I felt disappointed.

    We were safe from the battle field,
    Colleagues soldiers run and left,
    I remained with lot and lot to be filled,
    Aha! Just money kept them, they reft,
    In them, I was disappointed.

    I was so so worn-out and sleepy,
    To the extent that 12 plus 6 is sixteen.
    I succeeded at last and left, in mind weepy,
    I was much like victim of poteen.
    That made me disappointed.

    Hmm! Wasn’t it my mother land?
    For whom I everyday sing to sacrifice anything?
    More so, I didn’t expect such experience expand,
    And for these, and everything,