Exploring the Teaching of Reading Skills in Nigerian Secondary Schools

    Abu-Ubaida SANI et al 

    It is believed that of all the core competencies recognized to contribute to lifelong learning and sustainable development, none is quite as central as the ability to read and write. The paper has as
    gist, exploring reading skills with regard to its teaching in secondary schools as well as factors surrounding it (both for and against). The paper delved into the conceptual meaning of reading skills and make epitomical overview on the categories of reading skills thus, skimming, scanning, intensive reading and extensive reading as majors among others. The paper also examined other phenomena
    salient to the topic of discussion. They include, reading difficulties, causes and taxonomies of reading difficulties, remediation of reading difficulties and approach to teaching reading skills. In conclusion, the paper divulges insinuated ways to promoting efficiency in teaching reading skills in secondary schools. One of such ways the need joint intervention of parents and teacher into the reading difficulties of children, another is introduction and incorporation of teaching reading as a course in teacher-training program.

    author/Sani, A-U.; Amina, U.U.; A'ishatu, A. B.; Abubakar, U.U.

    journal/IOSR Journal of Research and Method in Education