About Tahamisin Waƙaƙƙen Ƙa’idojin Rubutun Hausa

      Citation: Maikwari, H.U. & Sani, A. (2020). Tahamisin Waƙaƙƙen Ƙa’idojin Rubutun Hausa. Zaria: Ahmadu Bello University Press Ltd.

    About Tahamisin Waƙaƙƙen Ƙa’idojin Rubutun Hausa

    In the year 2004, Prof. Aliyu Muhammad Bunza published a book Waƙaƙƙen Ƙa’idojin Rubutun Hausa (Hausa Orthography in Verse) in which he summarises the rules of Hausa orthography into 751 poetic verses. In page X of the book, he calls on the attention of Hausa scholars and students that it will be of much value if somene adds to the original standzas, which will allow for more examples and detailed explantions especially on the critical Hausa orthograpic issues. This work is additional input using the same tone and rhyme as the former verses while technically and professionally providing more explanations and additional examples on issues that need highlights. The work is divided into eight chapters.

    Chapter one talks about Hausa alphabet, morphemes and word formation processes. Chapter two discusses the issues of consonants cluster and Hausa hooked-letters. Chapter three of the book addresses syllable structures in Hausa as well as the use of /m/ and /n/ as coda in syllables and indicator of short possession respectively. Chapter four discusses possession, interrogative words, indicative words, and plurals. It also talks about concepts of ”a” and tense markers,” ”m” and pronouns,” and “plurals and pronounce.”

    Chapter five treats the three major Hausa words categories: the noun, the verb, and the adjective. Chapter six covers the punctuations marks (full stop, exclamation mark, question mark, comma, semi-column, column, dash, ellipses, brackets, and quotation mark). Chapter seven treats the use of capital letter and the rules of assimilation. Chapter eight discusses the English consonant clusters and how they influence the Hausa writing system. Similarly, it explains how Arabic writing system is influencing the Hausa orthography. Finally, the chapter highlights on some works of earlier scholars on Hausa orthography and relevant topics.

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