How to recover your Pi Account

     If you lost your login details and therefore you are unable to access your Pi account, these are the simple steps to follow to recover it.

    1. Download Pi App
    Download and install Pi App on your phone.

    2. Open it and Click Continue
    On the first page, if you open it, you will see two options whether to Continue with Facebook or to Continue with phone number. In this case, we will go with the phone number. See the example below:
    Continue with phone number

    3. Select Country and Insert Phone Number
    As shown in the screenshot below, a page will open where you will be asked to Register with phone number (It will be assumed that you are registering as a new member. This is the default process). Select your country, (Nigeria for instance) and put your phone number. See below:
    Forgot pi password
    4. Click on "Password forgotten?"
    See the example below:
    How To Recover Your Pi Account
    5. Click on RECOVER ACCOUNT
    On the next page, click on RECOVER ACCOUNT as shown below:
    How To Recover Your Pi Account
    6. Country and Phone Number
    (1) Select your country so that you get the right country code (i.e. +234 for Nigeria). Then add your phone number which you created your Pi account with, then click SUBMIT. See below:
    How To Recover Your Pi Account

    6. Select a country to which you will send SMS
    At this stage, you are required to send SMS to a number Pi will provide to you, using the number you registered for your Pi account. There is a list of countries with the USA as default. If you are in Nigeria, choose Israel. You can try other countries too. (Note: For each country you choose here, a number of that country will be displayed to you so that you send SMS to the number). See below:
    How To Recover Your Pi Account
    It will look like this in the screenshot below after choosing Israel:
    How To Recover Your Pi Account
    7. Send SMS using the phone you have the Pi app installed or using a different phone
    If the number you registered Pi account with is on the phone you now installed the new Pi app, click on OPEN SMS. It will automatically lead you to where you will send the SMS to the Israel number. See below:
    How To Recover Your Pi Account
    If the phone number which you used in registering for Pi account is on a different phone, then select Manual Instructions  (not OPEN SMS). See below:
    How To Recover Your Pi Account
    A page will display with Recipient's phone number (that is the number you will send a code to), and Test of the SMS (that is the code Pi wants you to send to the recipient's phone number). They will also ask you to make sure that you send the message using the number you are trying to recover it's password. See below:
    How To Recover Your Pi Account

    8. Done!
    After you send the message, the Pi App will automatically lead you to where you will put your new password.
    How to recover your Pi account

    NOTE: The new password must contain a capital letter, a small letter and a number, and it must be at least 8 characters. Example: abcd1234 is wrong because there is no capital letter. ABCD1234 is wrong because it does not contain a small letter. But both ABCd1234 and abcD123 are correct.

    author/Abu-Ubaida Sani