HAUSA 1010: Elementary Hausa I


    Hausa language belongs to the Western branch of the Chadic language superfamily within the Afro-Asiatic language phylum. The home territories of the Hausa people lie on both sides of the border between Niger and Nigeria. In Niger, about one-half of the population speaks Hausa as a first language, whereas about one-fifth of the Nigerian population speaks it as a first language. However, the language is carried and spread to almost all major cities in West, North, Central, and Northeast Africa. This is indeed, among others, the result of their tradition of long-distance commerce and pilgrimages to the Holy Cities of Islam

    This course provides an introduction to the Hausa language and culture. The primary goal of the course is to provide the students with the spoken knowledge of the language. However, by the end of the course, students should have also acquired some knowledge of reading and writing in the language. While the development of oral and aural skills will be the principal focus in the class, there will be numerous short written assignments and some reading exercises. This is the first of the two parts Hausa language-learning course. The other part is HAUS 1020 (SPRING 2019), each student would have achieved the following set out goals.



    WEEKS 1-2

    -          Meet and greet

    -          Periodic greetings

    -          General greetings

    -          Self-introduction

    -          Hausa alphabets

    -          Role play


    WEEKS 3-4

    -          Hausa alphabets

    -          Marriage in the Hausa society

    -          Words construction

    -          Numbers

    -          Hausa dietary habits

    -          Role play


    WEEKS 5-6

    -          Words construction

    -          Times in a day

    -          Days in a week

    -          Birth and naming in the Hausa society

    -          Role play


    WEEKS 7-8

    -          Words construction

    -          Common congratulatory expressions

    -          Common condolence expressions

    -          Sentence construction

    -          Arts and crafts

    -          Role play


    WEEKS 9-10

    -          Parts of speech

    -          The concept of death in the Hausa society

    -          Sentence construction

    -          Story telling

    -          Hausa traditional/street plays

    -          Role play


    WEEKS 5: 11-12

    -          Colors

    -          Family

    -          Sentence construction

    -          Writing

    -          Role play


    WEEKS 13-14

    -          The Hausa literature

    -          Poetry and music

    -          Animals

    -          Role play