Intra-Religious Conflicts within the Hausa Hausa-folk


    Many works have observed how deadly intra and or inter religious conflicts have been, but hardly, or so to say, minute are works written on how it would thoroughly be curtailed. Intra-religious conflict has had a devastating repercussion to the people living in the Hausa geographical destinations. These conflicts claimed and destroyed many precious lives of the same religion. Hardly a day past without a report of intra-religious clashes. Causes these conflicts abounds; the research believed that the major thrust of the conflict is doctrinaire and syncretism. However, the findings showcased that dialogue served as best mechanism for resolution of the Muslim Hausa intra-religious conflict.

    Keywords: Hausa-folk; Conflicts; Intra-Religious Conflict 

    Dr. Musa Shehu
    Department of Nigerian Languages
    Usmanu Danfodiyo University, Sokoto-Nigeria


    Abu-Ubaida SANI2
    Department of Languages and Cultures
    Federal University Gusau
    Phone No. 08133529736

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