Laziness Kills - By Abu-Ubaida Sani

    If you were in governance,
    Would you have attained the so-called development?
    Sha! I consider common self dependence.

    Chosen to harvest what others should reap,
    Browsing on a remaining sip,
    Sycophants that often peep,
    Natural? No! yet in the body deep.

    Anyway, I remembered individuality,
    It’s normal, considering the society,
    Nature preach for sickness of dignity,
    Fir this, and all, I still blame humanity.

    Can any give the idea a lie?
    Or disqualify my ‘because’ to his ‘why’?
    Hmm! Then, let not call it shy,
    Is as good as I die!

    Can we ever be independent?