Females’ Educational Status And Marriage In Northern Nigeria (Marital and Gender Controversies)

    Background to the Study

    Entry upon the role of husband and wife in an institution like marriage depends on being chosen as a life partner (Oguegbe & Onuecheta, 1995). Omari (1989) saw marriage as the coming together of a man and woman as husband and wife. In African society, marriage is considered to be essential because it protects the morals of the people and discourages adultery and fornication. It makes couple live responsibly, promote peace and harmony among members of a society (Yahaya, 2009). In Nigeria, and within the Hausa folk specifically, it is generally believed that the success of a family largely depends on the relationship between the man and the woman (marital relationship), which is highly dependent on choosing the right spouse.

    However, selection of marriage partner is one of the most important decision people make during their lifetime. Selection of marriage partner can be as the mental process of selecting amidst other individuals likeable partner in marriage or legal union. O’neil in Oguegbe & Onuecheta, (1995) explained that, education is an important factor in marriage partner choice in many societies. Buss & Schmit (1993) posited that, in marriage partnery surveys, women consistently express a preference for marriage partners who are of high educational qualification as themselves. Also, Kalmijn (2001) revealed that, college graduates prefer to marry college graduates like themselves.

    However, this research gets its background from the phenomenon that, marriage is an event of necessity, which the selection of its partner is determined by various factors. One of such factors is education, that brings about the need to study the relationship between education and selection of marriage partner within the Hausa folk. The study will focus on undergraduate students in Usmanu Danfodiyo University, Sokoto. The result of which could be generalized to other similar situations.

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