I was born in 1993 at Misau LGA, Bauchi state, Nigeria. In the year 2017, I obtained a degree in Education and Hausa from Usmanu Danfodiyo University, Sokoto. I have a number of publications with different academic journals across the globe. Moreover, I have attended and participated in various academic conferences, both national and international. Currently, I am a lecturer with the Department of Languages and Cultures, Federal University Gusau, Zamfara

2018: Yakasai, S. A. & Sani, A-U. (2018). Diwanin Waƙoƙin Aminu Ladan Abubakar (ALA). Sokoto: Unique Colours Publishers. ISBN: 987-567-890-87

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5th-9th Dec., 2016: Tsaure, M. B. & Sani, A-U. (2016). The Role of Hausa in the Endangerment of Fulfulde: A Case Study of Tsaure Fulani of Kano State. Being a paper presented at the 29th Annual Conference of Linguistic Association of Nigeria (LAN) on Language and Linguistic Diversity: Documentation and Revitalization of Minority Languages for Sustainable Development, at the University of Jos, Plateau State, Nigeria.

7th-10th Nov., 2016: Abdullahi, Z. & Sani, A-U. (2016). Remains Just Implementation: A Review of Works on the Conditions of Teaching and Learning Science and Technology in the Nigerian Secondary Schools. Being a paper presented at the 3rd Annual National Conference of Faculty of Education on Revitalizing Education for Social, Political and Economic Engineering, held at ICT Auditorium Usmanu Danfodiyo University, Sokoto, Nigeria.

9th -12th Oct., 2016: Tsaure, M. B. & Sani, A-U. (2016). The National Question: Language Policy and the Quest for a Common Language in Nigeria. Being a paper presented at the international conference of the Faculty of Arts and Islamic Studies, on The Role of the Arts on Development held at Musa Abdullahi Auditorium, Bayero University, Kano, Nigeria.

30th Aug. to 2nd Sep. 2016: Sani, A-U. & Tsaure, M. B. (2016). An Image of Northern Nigeria’s Marital and Gender-based Controversies: A Survey of Abubakar Gimba’s Sacred Apples. Being a paper presented at the 13th International Conference on Ethnic Nationalities, Cultural Memory and the Challenges of Nationhood in 21st Century Literature, held at The University Auditorium, IBB University, Lapai, Nigeria.

8th-12th March, 2016: Sani, A-U. (2016). Family Life Education as a Foundation for Human Social Security. Being a paper presented at First International Conference on Human Security and the Challenge of Innovative Education (1st ICE), held at Main Auditorium, Sokoto State University, Sokoto, Nigeria.

1st-3rd March, 2016:  Sani, A-U. (2016). Hausa Literature Beckons National Integration: An Insight into Waqar Haxin Kan Afirka by Abubakar Ladan Zariya. Being a paper presented at the 1st National Conference of Faculty of Arts and Islamic Studies on the Role of Language, History and Religion, in the Development, Integration and Security in Nigeria, held at University Auditorium Usmanu Danfodiyo University, Sokoto, Nigeria.

28th-30th March, 2019: Participation in the 4th Annual International Conference on Hausa Drama, Film and Popular Culture in the 21st Century held at the Department of Nigerian Languages and Linguistics, Kaduna State University.

10th-11th Oct., 2018: Participation in the 2018 Fela Kuti International Conference on African Homelands and Social Theory themed “Religion-State Relationship in Post-Colonial Africa: Issues, Context and Perspectives” held at Faculty of Arts, University of Ibadan.

19th-22 Feb., 2018: Participation in the International Conference on Slavery and Postcolonial Dis/Engagements, organized by West African Association for Commonwealth Literature and Language Studies (WAACLALS), held at Benin City, Nigeria.

29th October, 2017: Participation in the International Conference on Accelerating the Growth of African Resources for Building a Sustainable Future, organized by Oxford Research and Publications International, held at Usmanu Danfodiyo University, Sokoto, Nigeria.

23rd-25th Apr., 2017: Participation in the International Conference on Theory and Practice of Traditional Medicine in Africa, organized by the Centre for Research in Nigerian Languages and Folklore, held at the Musa Abdullahi Auditorium, Bayero University Kano, Nigeria.

June, 2018: An online course on: “The Fundamentals of Digital Marketing.” Conducted by Google Digital Skills for Africa.

May, 2018: An online course on: “Introduction to Humanitarian Translation.” Conducted by Translators Without Borders.

February, 2018: Participation in workshop on “Literature Searching, Ethics of Academic Writing and the Value of Social Media in Academic Research” Held on 22nd February, 2018, Uyi Grand Hotel, Benin City, Nigeria.

July, 2017: Participation in “Training on Netpreneurship, Corporate Ethics Skills, Negotiation/Job Interview Skills, Entrepreneurship and Human Relation Skills” organized by MegaRich Consults & Network Ltd

July, 2017: Participation in two days professional training as Campus Journalist organized by the National Association of Campus Journalists, Usmanu Danfodiyo University, Sokoto Chapter in collaboration with Nigeria Union of Journalists (NUJ), Sokoto State chapter, held at Usmanu Danfodiyo, Sokoto

June, 2016: Participation in three days training on Basic Digital Skills Training held at Usmanu Danfodiyo University, Sokoto, sponsored by Google

May, 2015: Attended First Aid Practical Training Course or ganized by First Adi Group, Jam’atu Izalatil Bid’ah Wa’iqamatis-Sunnah, National Directorate from 4th to 18th May, 2019

Dec., 2019 (In View) English <> Hausa translation with db Group (http://www.dbgroupintl.com/). Completed project: 1 (232 words).

Nov., 2019 (In View): Certified by Google as a Translator.

Sept., 2019 (In View): English-Hausa translation and proofreading with GoTransparent (https://www.gotransparent.com/). Completed projects: 17 (Over 60,000 words).

Mar., 2019 (In View): English-Hausa Translation and Assessment with Translated (https://www.translated.net). Completed Projects 4 (181 words).

Mar., 2019 (In View): English-Hausa Translation with Mars Translation (https://www.marstranslation.com). Completed projects 2 (44 words).

Sept., 2018 (In View): English-Hausa translation with Bayan-Tech (https://bayan-tech.com/). Completed projects: 13 (About 47,000 words) and still counting.

July, 2018 (In View): English-Hausa translation and proofreading with EA Language Solutions (http://www.ealanguagesolutions.com/). Completed projects 9 (About 35,000 words).

May, 2018 (In View): English-Hausa translation and proofreading with Crowdin a Localization Management Platform, (https://crowdin.com/). Completed projects: 7 (Over 4,700 words).

Mar., 2018 (In View): English-Hausa translation and evaluation with Datamundi (https://www.datamundi.be/cms/). Completed projects 2 (Over 10,000 words).
Feb., 2018 (In View): Hausa-English/English-Hausa translation and proofreading with One Hour Translation (www.onehourtranslation.com). Completed projects: 177 (189,984 words).

May, 2019: Participating in the 1-day meeting for the review and validation of Promundo Fathers Club Manual at Dankani Guest Palace Hotel, Sokoto, Nigeria.

April, 2019: Participation in the translation of Puromundo, Fathers Club Manual. Client: Plan International.

December, 2017: Assisted in Hausa oral and modern songs translation (40,661 words) for a book: Yahaya, A. B., Aminu, I. & Idris, Y. (2018). Alu Ya Gode!!! (Sharhi Kan Waqoqin Da Aka Yi Wa Dr. Aliyu Magatakarda Wamakko Sarkin Yamman Sakkwato. Kaduna: Amal Printing Press. ISBN: 978-978-958-583-0.

Feb.-Oct., 2017: Assisted in literature mapping, book reviews and document analyses: Tambuwal, A. Y. (2017). Manunin Tarbiyya a Karin Maganar Bahaushe. M. A. dissertation submitted in to the Department of Nigerian Languages, Usmanu Danfodiyo University, Sokoto.

Sept., 2019 to Date: Member, Scholars Academic and Scientific Society. Membership number: SAS/LMS/SASS/094. Confirm membership at: http://www.sassociety.com/life-members-list/

Feb., 2018 to Date: Member, West African Association for Commonwealth Literature and Language Studies (WAACLALS)

April, 2017 to Date: Patron I, Hausa Fasaha Club, Government College Azare, Bauchi state, Nigeria

Dec., 2016 to Date: Member, Linguistic Association of Nigeria (LAN)

Sept., 2019 (to date): Graduate Assistant, Department of Languages and Cultures, Federal University, Gusau, Zamfara State, Nigeria.

2018 to 2019: Served as Graduate Assistant in the Department of Languages and Cultures, Federal University Gusau, Zamfara State, Nigeria during NYSC.

Sept., 2016-Nov., 2016: Teaching practice as Hausa Language teacher at Unity Comprehensive School, Sokoto, Nigeria

Oct., 2015-Nov., 2015: Teaching practice as Hausa Language teacher at Unity Comprehensive School, Sokoto, 19th October, 2015 to 24th November, 2015.

2018 - 2019     ALH 312: Principles and Practice of Translation, Department of Languages and Cultures, Federal University Gusau.

March, 2019: Certificate of Honor by the National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control (NAFDAC) for contributions in the fight against counterfeit medicines and other substandard regulated products

June, 2019: An award by Aminu Alan Waka Foundation as 2nd winner during an annual competition organized by Hausa Musical Institute (HAMI) 

2017: Certificate of Excellence for graduating with first class degree honor in Education Hausa, by the Muslim Students’ Association of Nigeria (MSSN) Misau Area Council.

2017: Patriotic Citizen, an award by the National Association of Kano State Students, UDUS chapter (NAKASS, UDUS CHAPTER), September 2017.

Oct., 2019 (In View): Executive Editor, Global Academic Journal of Linguistics and Literature. http://gajrc.com/journal_details/Glob%20Acad%20J%20Linguist%20Lit
2018-2019: Served as Member in NYSC Drug Free Club, Zamfara State in affiliation with National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA)
November, 2017: An Interview with Arewa24 Kano State, Nigeria, on the 27th November, 2017 on: “Relevance of Technology to Language.”
Sept., 2017 (In View): Co-founder and the Chief Post of the Hausa language academic blog; www.amsoshi.com

  1. Hausa-English/English-Hausa Translation
  2. Hausa Transcription
  3. Hausa Subtitling
  4. Hausa Proofreading and Post MT Editing
  5. Microsoft Word Proficiency and Typesetting
  6. Team Management
  7. Teaching (Hausa Language)
  8. Online Publication (E-book and Paperback)
  9. Online Tutoring
  10. Blogging

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